How We Work 

All decorative mood boards and project proposals are completed within one week of your free consultation.  

Our standard proposal includes three options (tailored to the architect’s or interior designer’s brief) and outlines order specifics, such as the expected yardage / materials quantity calculation; downloadable tearsheets or photos of proposed articles; initial cost estimates (provided we are given technical schematics or accurate measurements); and expected order lead times, including delivery.  

If you’d prefer, we can work together on a variety of decorative materials and samples either in our showroom or remotely, using our manufacturers’ websites. Note: Some of our brands have electronic catalogues that arrange items by colour and pattern (with links on our website). We guarantee that every item listed in the online catalogue will be in stock, up to a quantity of 14 m.  

Some of our manufacturers’ products are made-to-order based on the unique requirements of an individual project (e.g., paper-backed fabrics, or wallpapers and decorative panels printed on canvas or vinyl). Many articles can be ordered in neutral and custom colours and can be produced using performance-grade fabrics that are suitable for HoReCa projects.  

For commissions that require one-of-a-kind artisanal fabrics and wallpaper sources, we can recommend and source decorative materials from boutique makers that are largely unknown in the Ukraine.  

Commercial Approach

Our 15 years of market expertise and manufacturing knowledge enable us to develop proposals for a variety of budgets. We seamlessly combine high-end and more traditional decorative materials and brands to ensure that your interior design scheme remains fresh and relevant in the decades to come.

Through our showroom, you can order textile and wallpaper samples directly from manufacturers at a nominal cost. We will adjust all product orders based on the previously placed sample order costs. Our price lists are benchmarked based on European standards, after taking into account all relevant discounts.  

Logistics and Delivery

Having worked with many customers over the past 15 years, we understand that tightly controlled lead times play a key role in any interior design project. That’s why our European consolidation warehouse provides us with the utmost flexibility to streamline deliveries. Upon placing an order, our staff members will inform you as to whether your product is in stock, when it will be delivered in the Ukraine, and will keep you updated on the status of your order. In cases where brands only work on a made-to-order basis, we will advise you on manufacturing and order delivery lead times as soon as you place your order.