About us

Specialising in artisanal products, memorable brands, and original designs, The Editors x Design Stories (T.E.D.S) offers our customers unique textiles, wallpaper, decorative panels, passementerie, and rugs by (predominantly) British and American manufacturers. Each quarter we curate and expand upon our collection to ensure that every piece remains relevant and appealing to a broad range of styles – from traditional and contemporary to eclectic.  

Amongst our designs, you will find decorative wallpaper panels inspired by the MET’s Kronos Collection, textile prints based on the 18th century botanical archives, and fabric patterns influenced by French Fauvism, Japanese ceramics, and the sketches of Bauhaus artists.    

Our brands include iconic patterns and much-loved designs used by well-known interior decorators and designers, such as Miles Redd, Kelly Hoppen, Kit Kemp, Sister Parish, Kelly Wearstler, David Nightingale Hicks, and Katie Ridder.  

What our customers value about us

Because interior design and décor are equal parts tactile and visual, our showroom was purpose-built to give our customers a broad range of fresh and inspiring design ideas and creative possibilities.  

As a Ukrainian-based company, we strive to work with Ukrainian case goods and soft furniture makers, and often commission made-to-order products based on our designs.  

We also guide our customers in: (1) using decorative materials in unusual contexts (e.g., high-moisture environments), (2) customising built-in furniture, and (3) creating decorative boiserie-type panels. Our team of experts is trained to address any technical or product installation inquiries you may have.